An Age of Digital Documentation

This past week has been a bit of an interesting one for me. I decided I want to start documenting my life through a weekly “vlog” series. I have just officially entered my twenties, a place I have been dreaming of for quite a long time, and I’m going to be starting my first year of college in about a month. Since I graduated high school two years ago, and spent a great deal of that time attending beauty school, in reflection I have changed and grown a lot. I think a better word for the journey I’ve gone on over the past two years is Evolution, and I have a feeling the next few years of my life are going to hold much of the same.

One of my biggest regrets of the past two years is that I didn’t properly document anything. Sure I have some pictures and some Facebook posts, but overall I have no overwhelming “evidence” that the past two years of my life, and all of the subsequent evolution took place. I can’t read a diary, look back on a series of blog posts or videos to remember exactly where I started from, or all the places I stopped along the way. I think the real reason I’m doing this vlog series is because I’m finally understanding the strange human desire to leave something behind, some proof of my existence.

I feel I may be having a mild existential crisis. I suppose it’s the right time in my life to begin questioning things, but the odd thing to me is whether it’s a matter of question or a matter of seeing for the first time. We are entering an age of uncertainty as a society and perhaps that makes me want to take control of something and create a certainty. By documenting my life, and uploading it to the internet, not only is it there for me to look back on, but also for others to come across and see. The idea that strangers from anywhere in the world can see these parts of my life is simultaneously comforting and strange.

So heres to an age of digital documentation, and the next phase of my life, whatever it holds.


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