A Moment of Pure Bliss

There are moments in our lives when everything seems to align and suddenly everything is going right. Your stress melts away, you can’t stop smiling, you laugh until you feel like you might throw up, and you sit in that moment and are just genuinely happy. These moments don’t come around all the time, and we frequently miss them as they’re happening, only to remember this untainted happiness later on once the moment has passed. But sometimes, the stars align just right and you are in the moment enough to notice the true majesty of this contented, unrelenting joy (I find a good word to describe this feeling is “jazzed”). Well I managed to have one of these moments recently, and the memories (I hope) will be able to bring me continued joy even in the darkest of times, yet to come in my life.

My best friend was recently hired at a salon called Blowout Z Bar, and she has been ecstatically happy ever since. Being a (recently) unemployed person, with a managing cosmetology license, and four years of college to pay for soon, I was very intrigued by the prospect of  actually being completely happy in a job (which has never really been the case for me) as well as the chance to be able to work side by side with my best friend. Long story short, I was essentially hired (I just have to wait for the salon’s second location to open to have a spot to do my stuff and I’ll be squared away) along with another one of my best friends.

The literal dream team

A couple weeks ago our real life angel of boss, the illustrious Z, approached the three of us about doing the hair and makeup for the models in a fashion show, along with working the salon’s booth for the event, which would entail braiding people’s hair and telling people about the salon and whatnot. The three of us were psyched! When the inspiration photos for the hair and makeup for the models came through (which was VERY high fashion) we were even more excited. We were kind of given free reign to design the details of our model’s hair and makeup, which for three, young artistic people is a lot like handing a chef’s apprentice a fully stocked, gourmet kitchen and telling them to “go crazy”, it’s a lot.

We styled our six models (all of whom were some of the sweetest and most beautiful young women it has been my privilege to meet), and all piled into Z’s husband’s (Stash) truck and rode down to the Purple People Bridge, which is a beautiful pedestrian bridge that connects downtown Cincinnati to the Northern Kentucky city of Newport. It was incredibly hot and humid (pretty on par for Cincinnati in the summer), but it was still one of the best experiences I’ve ever had. The view was beautiful, the people were wonderful, I got to style some more hair, and hang out with four of the coolest people I know (I’m including Z and Stash in this list because they are literally the best).

The event was Cincy Chic’s 7th Annual Red, Pink, and Blue event, which benefits the American Heart Association, Pink Ribbon Association, and American Diabetes Association. (All are great causes and I will link to each of them individually at the end) There were all sorts of local vendors lining the bridge, and the turnout was very impressive, especially considering there was a baseball game, Justin Bieber was in town, and it was also Pride weekend. There were survivors from each of the causes the event was supporting, the fashion show was awesome, and the whole night was just magical.

I am so honored and thankful to be a part of such a great salon, surrounded by such amazing people. The chance to give back to the community and the amazing opportunity to do what I love on a bigger scale was fantastic. I love working with friends I already have and making new ones along the way. The stress in my life is lifting and its giving way to a future happier and brighter than I ever could have imagined.

A truly wonderful collection of people

I also vlogged this wonderful day, you can view that video if you wish by clicking right here

American Diabetes Association: http://www.diabetes.org
American Heart Association: http://www.heart.org/HEARTORG/
Pink Ribbon Association: http://pinkribbon.org



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